Pizza Sheeter

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Product Name : Pizza Sheeter

Q'ty :
  • HL-P300
  • Pizza Sheeter
  • HL-P300-line
Product Description

Pizza Sheeter

Product Character

The HL-P300 pizza sheeter is an efficient two-stage machine featuring quick-change handles, front infeed, front discharge and 1 HP power motor.Roll up to 18 inches diameter dough. One operator can make approximately five to six hundred pieces per hour by just four easy steps.

Ideal For... Pizza> Pie Crusts > Arabic Bread> Flour Tortillas > Wraps > Many Other Doughs
Featuring... Front Dough Infeed > Front Dough Return > Front Dough Adjustment > Front Dough Outfeed


Model Pizza Base Diameter Pizza Base Thickness Motor N.W.
HL-P300 Up to 18” 3~30 mm 1 HP 135 Kg