Spiral Mixer

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Product Name : Spiral Mixer

Q'ty :
  • HL-17010TK
  • HL-17010TK-line
Product Description

40L Spiral Mixer

Product Character

*Powerful two-motor designed, one to drive spiral arm, one to drive bowl.
*High efficiency two-speed gives positive results of dough mixing.
*Bowl has two rotary directions available, forward and backward.
*To increase durability and strength, stainless steel spiral agitator is made 25% thicker than those of the industry’s leader.
*There is an overload relay to protect motor and transmission components.
*Stainless steel safety guard is standard. As the lift of safety guard, the mixer’s limit-switch is automatically shut off to protect operator.
*Mixers are baked coated with long lasting and chip-resistant paint enamel.
*HL-17010TK with two timers


Model No. Capacity Dimensions(mm) Net Weight Motors
Flour Dough Bowl A B C D E Arm Bowl
HL-17010TK 12kg 20kg 40L 966 501 833 640 1230 173kg 1.5HP 1/2HP

* Any three phase is available, please specify voltage when ordering.
* Due to product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.
* 1 Quart=0.95 Liter