Twin Mixers

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Product Name : Twin Mixers

Q'ty :
  • HL-20ST
  • HL-40ST
  • HL-60ST/90ST
  • HL-180STA
Product Description

Twin Mixers

Product Character

*Dynasty TWIN-ARMS-Mixer is guaranteed any operator to have efficient and perfect mixing result every time. We offer three models including 20, 40, 60, 90 and 340-quart capacity to meet your job.
*Twin-Whipping system : twin Whip is made from flexible and thin stainless steel wires. Its excellent design coordinate planetary mixing to creating the fineness and high volume bubbles of egg whites and cream.
*An inverter included provides you a non-stop speed. If you do not desire to stop mixing when you need to add any ingredient, this idea will keep you satisfied.
*No splashing during the mixing; immediately increased productivity. Special bowl and twin-arm mixing make the liquid to flow evenly and without splashing. You get more quantities of products from it in every mixing.

Standard Accessories:
*SS Bowl : 1pc
*Wire Whip : 2pcs
*Bowl Truck : 1pc
*Automatic Bowl Lift System (except 20 Quart)

*Safety Guard
*Digital Control Panel


Model No. Bowl Capacity Motor Agitator Speed Dimensions N.W.
HL-20ST 20 Quart 0.5HP Manual Various Speed 640 x 450 x 1205 mm 135 Kg
HL-40ST 40 Quart 1.5HP Manual Various Speed 884 x 691 x 1445 mm 250 Kg
HL-60ST 60 Quart 2HP Manual Various Speed 1032 x 675 x 1790 mm 500 Kg
HL-60TTC Computer Automatic System 1032 x 890 x 1790 mm 500 Kg
HL-90ST 90 Quart 3HP Manual Various Speed 1120 x 920 x 2020 mm 675 Kg
HL-90TTC Computer Automatic System 1120 x 1000 x 2020 mm 675 Kg
HL-180ST 340 Quart 15HP Manual Various Speed 1760 x 1200 x 2350 mm 1505 Kg