Stainless Steel Various Speed Mixer

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Product Name : Stainless Steel Various Speed Mixer

Q'ty :
  • VM25T-S
  • VM40AT-S
Product Description

VM25T-S / VM40T-S Stainless Steel Various Speed Mixer

Product Character

*The Mixers are an advanced design, highly-reliable professional food processing tool.
*The model Mixers are equipped with powerful motors and strong gear drive design.
*The gears are made of heat treated alloy steel and a hardness steel worm wheel.
*There are 3 speeds and various style attachments, which can be selected to obtain the best using food are made of stainless steel.

Standard Attachment:
*Stainless steel bowl
*Stainless steel Flat beater
*Stainless steel Dough arm
*Stainless steel Wire whip

Optional Attachment:
*Safety guard
*#12 Hub
*Vegetables slicer attachment
*Meat grinder attachment


Model No. Bowl Capacity Motor Agitator Speed
Dimension(mm) Timer Hub Safety Guard N.W.
VM25T-S 25 L 1 HP 50-550 RPM 640 545 935 Std. - - 100 Kg
VM25HT-S Std. Std. -
VM25AT-S Std. - Std.
VM40T-S 40 L 1.5HP 50-550 RPM 806 620 1280 Std. - - 220 Kg
VM40HT-S Std. Std. -
VM40AT-S Std. - Std.

H-Hub Attachment    T-Timer    A-Safety Guard