20 Quart Gear Driven Mixer

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Product Name : 20 Quart Gear Driven Mixer

Q'ty :
  • AM20
  • AM20A
  • AM20A-line
Product Description

20 Quart Gear Driven Mixer

Product Character

The AM20 is 20L mixer with aluminum body. It can be both table top or floor type.

It is a gear-driven mixer with 3 or 5 or 15 speeds options. (The speed choice is optional).

For 3-speed, the speed is shifting mechanically.

For 5-speed, the speed is shifting electronically.

For 15-speed, the speed is shifting both mechanically and electronically.

Standard Accessories :
*Spiral Dough Arm
*Flat Beater
*Wire Whip
*20 Quart Bowl

2019/10/09Optional Accessories : 

*10 Quart Bowl 
*10 Quart Spiral Dough Arm 
*10 Quart Flat Beater 
*10 Quart Wire Whip 
*Safety Guard 
*Vegetables Slicer Attachment 
*Meat Grinder Attachment&nbsp
*C-Type Hook
P-Type Beater


Model No. Bowl
Motor Speeds Agitator Speeds
Timer Safety
Hub N.W.
AM20 20公升 1/2HP 3 60HZ:129/239/437
Std. - - 56.5 Kg
AM20A 5 88/303/366/462/528 Std. Std. -
AM20H 15 66/109/135/165/184
Std. - Std.
  T- Timer  A - Safety Guard    1Quart=0.95 Liter
* Any voltage is available, please specify voltage and phase when ordering.
* Due to product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.