Stainless Steel Spiral Mixer

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Product Name : Stainless Steel Spiral Mixer

Q'ty :
  • HL-17020K-S
  • HL-17045K-S
  • HL-17075K-S
  • HL-17066KS-S(Removable Bowl)
  • HL-17125KS-S(Removable Bowl)
  • line
Product Description

Stainless Steel Spiral Mixer
HL-17020K-S / HL-17045K-S / HL-17075K-S

Removable Bowl Stainless Steel Spiral Mixer
HL-17066KS-S / HL-17125KS-S

Product Character

The machine is made of stainless steel with simple, neat shape and elegant appearance. Stainless steel material allows it meet the high sanitation standard among baking industry.

Positive timers, automatically control mixing time. One for slow speed and the other one for high speed.

Powerful, two heavy duty motors, one to drive spiral, one to drive bowl.

Bowl has two rotary directions available, forward and backward. It can be easily blended with the dough when adding other ingredients.

The safety guard is standard and available in stainless steel or plastic.


Model No. 容量 Dimensions(mm) N.W. Motor


Bowl A B C D E Arm Bowl
HL-17020K-S 22kg 40kg 70L 1150 540 900  660 1450 280kg 2.5HP 1/2HP
HL-17045K-S 50kg 80kg 120L 1260 712 1211  813 1820 600kg 5HP 2HP
HL-17075K-S 75kg 120kg 180L 1450 910 1770  900 2100 945kg 12HP 3HP
HL-17066KS-S 66kg  120kg  180L   1380 850 1790  850 1910 1150kg 8.5HP 3HP
HL-17125KS-S 125kg  180kg  240L  1480 1050 2050  907 2100 1614kg 15HP 5HP