Spiral Mixer

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Product Name : Spiral Mixer

Q'ty :
  • HL-17075K/100K/125K
  • HL-17075K/100K/125K
  • HL-17075K/100K/125K-line
Product Description

180/210/240L Spiral Mixer

Product Character

*As the lift of safety guard, the mixer is automatically shut off to meet safety requirement. The mixer does only work when the safety guard is down. Stainless steel grid guard is standard.
*High efficiency two-speed assures complete blending dough and give positive results within 15 minutes every time.
*Positive timers, automatically control mixing time. One for slow speed and the other one for high speed. In case of timers' failure, machine still can run with special switch.
*New, special mixing technology, synhronized speed with reverse turning bowl as well as intensively dough-kneading downward, keeps dough cool with high efficiency.
*Positive spiral mixing provides dough with water absorption ability and much more volume to assure more uniform texture.
*Powerful, long life motor itself can change speed, without shifting gears, with minimum maintenance required.
*Bowl has two rotary directions available, forward and backward.
*Strong stainless steel spiral-agitator, guide bar, and bowl are designed to meet baking industry sanitation standard.
*2 heavy duty motors, one to drive spiral, one to drive bowl.


Model No. Capacity Dimensions(mm) Net
Flour Dough Bowl A B C D E Arm Bowl
HL-17075K 75kg 120kg 180L 1460 900 1500 910 2100 935kg 7.5HP 3HP
HL-17100K 100kg 150kg 210L 1460 950 1550 930 2150 988kg 15HP 5HP
HL-17125K 125kg 180kg 240L 1500 950 1550 980 2200 1000kg 15HP 5HP

*Any three phase is available, please specify voltage when ordering.
*Due to product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.
*1 Quart = 0.95 Liter