Meat Grinder

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HL-G12SS Square Plate
Product Name : Meat Grinder

Q'ty :
  • HL-G12SS Square Plate
  • HL-G12SS Round Plate
  • HL-G22S
Product Description

Meat Grinder

Product Character

Dynasty Meat Grinder is intended for heavy duty work in commercial food processing applications.

*Strict compliance with hygiene standard.
*Reliable under the most demanding conditions.
*Energy-efficient motor and precision gear drive.
*Compact size, no sharp corners or seams.
*Attractive design suitable for any kitchen and supermarket.
*Forward & Reverse switch.
*Design for easy maintenance & conforms to all safety standards.

Standard Accessories:
*For HL-G12SS, you can choose either square plate or round plate.
*Cutter :1pc
*Plate:2pcs ( 6mm & 8mm for 1pc each )

Optional Accessories:
*4mm plate
*10mm plate
*12mm plate


Model No. Productivity
( kgs/hour )
Blade speed
Dimensions (mm) Weight
HL-G12SS 220 kg 170 RPM 1 HP 250x410x410 mm 24.5 Kg
HL-G22S 400 kg 170 RPM 1.5 HP 300x500x500 mm 40 Kg