Industrial Planetary Mixer


HL-11300T / HL-11300AT

Product Character


The HL-11300T Mixer is an advanced design, highly-reliable professional food processing tool, and is an ideal for mixing all types of dough, as well as eggs, cream, mayonnnaise, etc. There are 3 speeds and special-designed accessories, which can be selected easily to mix various kinds of foods. It is equipped with powerful 15HP reducer-motor and chain gear drive design. All the gears and shafts are made of heat-trated alloy steel.

If your operation and maintenance are correct, then it will give you years of service, and obtain the best using result.

Standard Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Bowl: 1pc
  • Dough Hook: 1pc or Flat Beater: 1pc or Wire Whip: 1pc
  • Bowl Truck: 1pc
  • Hydraulic Bowl Lift
  • Timer

Optional Accessories

  • Safety Guard
  • Scraper
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Hydraulic Head Lift
  • Various Speed


Model No. Bowl Capacity Motor Agitator Speed(RPM) 15 Min.
Safety Guard N.W. Dimension(mm)
HL-11300T 253 Quart
(240 Liter)
15 HP
11.25 Kw
80 - 500 RPM
(Depending on accessory demand)
Std. - 1300 kgs
2860 Lbs
1550 1095 2500
HL-11300AT Std. Std.
  • T - 15 Min. Timer
  • A - Safety Guard
  • 1 Quart = 0.95 Liter

* Standard machine voltages are 220-60-1, 220-60-3, 220-50-1, 240-50-1, 380-50-3, 415-50-3.

* Due to product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.